Start-Up, Growth Financing, Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Characteristics of corporate mergers
  • Characteristics of company acquisitions
  • Asset Deal
  • share deal
  • Legal and tax effects due to the
  • Differentiation according to the character of the acquirer
  • Financial investors (financial buyers)
  • Strategic investors (trade buyers)
  • MBO (Management Buy-Out) and MBI (Management Buy-In)
  • cash offer
  • share offer


Financing alternatives:

Seller loan, earn-out, leveraged buy-out, debt or mezzanine capital (bank, private, public offer), cash offer

  • Equity financing
  • Possibilities of internal financing
  • Equity generation through self-financing
  • Generation of equity capital through capital release
  • Opportunities for equity financing
  • Non-listed or non-negotiable companies
  • private equity
  • venture capital
  • Listed or marketable companies
  • capital increase
  • Public offerings – IPO (IPO / Going Public)
  • Financing with mezzanine capital
  • Characteristics of mezzanine capital
  • Variety of the mezzanine capital
  • Balance sheet: mezzanine capital of an equity or debt nature
  • Long-term debt financing
  • Proceeds from loans
  • Issuance of bonds/debt securities
  • Asset-backed securities


Procedure of a Company Solution

  1. Preparation and strategic positioning
  2. Identification of a suitable participant
  3. Examination and decision
    a. Due diligence
    b. Valuation approaches for the object of purchase (individual valuation method,
  4. Overall valuation method, discounted cash flow method …)
  5. Submission of the purchase price offer
  6. Post-Change Integration (Post-Financing, Post-Takeover, Post-Succession)